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 Announcing Summer Vocal Workshops!

I will be offering a series of workshops in June, July, and August – Two Months of Sundays – covering a variety of subjects. Below is the schedule.

14, 3-5pm Harmony 1: hearing harmony; how harmonies are constructed; working with rounds and simple songs (2 hours)
21, 3-5pm Harmony 2: exploring intervals; creating your own harmonies; playing well with others (2 hours)
28, 2:30-5:30 Harmony 3: singing outside the box; what makes harmonies POP? (3 hours)


12, 3-5pm Vocal Health: Dos and don’ts; anatomy; recognizing unhealthy habits; how – and why – to warm up and cool down (2 hours)
19, 3-5pm Traversing vocal registers: finding your registers; how to smooth register transitions; singing in mix and belt (2 hours)
26 2:30-5:30 Song arranging: a cappella; instrumentation; for one, two, or more voices (3-4 hours plus follow-up)


9, 2:30-5:30 Performance prep: getting a song ready; memorization; audience connection; microphone use; working with an accompanist (3 hours)

Workshops are $35 each except Harmony 3, Song Arranging, and Performance Prep = $45 each. 10% discount for two or more.

Registration – this is a fillable PDF; I suggest you download it and then fill in the fields. Print and mail or email to If you have trouble with the form, just skip the fancy and email me to sign up.



Full Circle: A Journey in Song on February 7th was a wonderful success, both for the performers and for Aurora Chorus. We netted $2,600 for the choir!

Thank you so much to everyone who performed, attended, helped to make it happen, or were cheering us on from the sidelines. I was so proud of all my students, and had a blast singing with pals from my past lives and with Tapestry, my wonderful ensemble.

If you want to keep up with Tapestry and find out about upcoming gigs, you can find us on Facebook.


Tapestry Feb. 7, 2015