Students’ Comments

Terri working with a student.
Photo by Kathryn Kendall

Thank you, Terri. I feel positive about my voice for the first time in many years.

Terri is a wonderful vocal teacher.  She has been working with me on the problems of the aging voice–how to maintain pitch, improve tone quality, decrease unwanted vibrato, and strengthen breath control.  Her knowledge, patience, and sense of humor put me at ease which helps me appreciate the joy of singing.
-Carol Walker, Aurora Chorus, Alto 1

Three voice lessons with an amazing voice teacher and one reiki session have elicited more profound changes in a few short weeks than years of talk therapy. Not sure what happened, but I feel like I’ve finally come home after wandering for many years. Mind officially blown, singing it out.
~Kris O.

Terri listens closely to your voice and gives helpful, clear, supportive remarks that help to grow your voice into all it can be! She supports you as you discover and nurture your authentic voice and makes the process fun and exciting!
~ Patricia

Kudos to Terri for her sensitive, helpful approach to finding my voice.  She has been supportive in helping me learn to sing the songs I have written so my family, friends, and community can hear them, not just see them on paper.  I live 2 ½ hours from Portland, so our lessons must be scheduled as we both are able, and this flexibility makes it possible for me to pursue a late-life goal otherwise not accessible.  I particularly appreciate her sending me a file of eacj lesson so I can practice in the interim and consolidate my learning.  I can see progress in my delivery, in pitch, breathing, and confidence. Thank You, Terri!  
-Nancy B

I so appreciate your support and wisdom, you are awesome!
~Susan B.

The encouragement, acceptance, and laughter totally countered the old tapes of ‘I can’t sing.’ Thank you, Terri.
~ MerleAnn

Terri has the musical knowledge, the ability to share and support, and the people skills that make her an excellent voice teacher. She recently coached me through a terrifying solo performance. She helped me in every way and specifically with my piece so that I actually felt comfortable and prepared. I had a positive experience singing it and got good feedback from the audience. I plan to continue with Terri to explore and improve my voice.
Eileen Stapp

Terri is a voice teacher who is able to explain and demonstrate in helpful ways how to improve one’s vocal skills.
~ Sara

Terri brings both professionalism and compassion to her teaching. She hears the individual standing before her and tailors her lessons accordingly. We always laugh, which is a measure of how much Terri puts her students at ease. Her years of experience as a singer and performer and her training at TVI have prepared her well to be an excellent teacher. I have felt growth in just a couple of months; I feel more confident with a toolbox of techniques. She is flexible about scheduling, too. I recommend her without hesitation!
~ Michele Laing Stemler

If I cannot fly, let me sing.
~ Stephen Sondheim